About us

The Alpin Fitness Waldcamping Völlan campsite is historically linked with the Foiana/Völlan "cobalt hill". Excavations on the sunny hillside have revealed objects dating as far back as the Hallstatt period in the late Iron Age. Thanks to its favourable location, the area was densely populated from an early stage on. Today, the cobalt hill is a protected site due to its archaeological importance.

In 1974, the then owners of the property built the first public open air swimming pool which was very popular with both locals and visitors. When the public pool closed in 1989, the remaining space was converted into a private campsite, turning the "Lido pool" into the "Lido campsite" run by a number of managements over the years.

Starting from 2012, the Lido campsite reopens its doors with a new management and a brand-new name: Alpin Fitness Waldcamping Völlan.

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