Hikes around Foiana/Völlan

South Tyrolean chestnut experience trail

In the middle of Foiana, above Lana, you'll find the 'chestnut experience trail'. The starting point of this approx. 2 km circuit, which is on level ground and easy to complete, is easily recognisable from afar: a larger-than-life 'chestnut angel' marks the spot. The route follows a circular path around the picturesque area of the traditionally cultivated chestnut groves in Foiana.

10 learning stations comprising history, science and curious facts about the chestnuts that line this educational trail, and convey the importance the sweet chestnut and the chestnut tree hold for humanity. To fully experience these 10 stations, the walk will take around one and a half hours to complete. The 'chestnut experience trail' is an interesting activity for nature enthusiasts of all ages.

Information along the trail

During lean centuries in the past, this noble fruit in its prickly coat served as the staple food of the area, because the chestnut and the flour ground from it, lends itself not only for baking bread and cake, but also for the production of noodles, gnocchi and polenta. Chestnut was also used instead of coffee, and its ascerbic honey has remained a popular favourite to this day; the chestnut itself was eaten as a high-protein food supplement, and ensured the survival of the population in times of crisis. During the 19th century, an illness-related tree death swept across Europe, decimating the chestnut trees and diminishing their importance, which was only rediscovered in the wake of the World Wars.

Duration: approx. 1-2 hours · Difference in altitude: 80 m

Foiana/Völlan - Völlaner Bad - Talmühle - St. Hippolyt's

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Relaxed circular trail hike. From the centre of Foiana/Völlan, walk in the direction of the Badlweg trail (it begins just behind the farmer's museum). Continue along the trail marked 10 through shady woods all the way to the Völlaner Bad Inn, a quaint restaurant with traditional spa facilities. Keep walking until you get to the Witmer farmhouse and then, slightly downhill, to the Obermayr farmhouse. From there, take the trail marked 8A until you reach the bottom of the St. Hippolyt hill. The last part of the hike up the hill is slightly strenuous, but the chapel and the view from this unique panoramic spot are well worth it. Return to Foiana/Völlan along the trail marked 8 past the Talmühle Inn.

Duration: Foiana/Völlan - Völlaner Bad - St. Hippolyt's -Talmühle - Foiana/Völlan: approx. 2 ½ hours · Difference in altitude: 100-150 m

Foiana/Völlan - Gruberhof - Plazzoles/Platzers

Setting off from the centre of Foiana/Völlan, walk past the church and take a left onto the Jochweg trail (marked 4) until you get to the Gruberhof farmhouse. Just above the farmhouse, follow the trail marked 2 (left) uphill until reaching Plazzoles di Sotto/Unterplatzers. Cross the woods and mountain pastures walking uphill and continue on the trail marked 10 all the way to the 16th-century St. Sebastian's chapel in Plazzoles/Platzers. Return to Plazzoles di Sotto/Unterplatzers on the trail marked 10, then walk downhill to the Völlaner Bad Inn (trail marked 10) and along the Badlweg trail back to the centre of Foiana/Völlan.

Duration: Foiana/Völlan - Gruberhof - Plazzoles/Platzers: approx. 3 hours. Returning via Plazzoles/Platzers and Völlaner Bad: approx. 2 hours. · Difference in altitude: approx. 570 m

Foiana/Völlan - Tesimo/Tisens

From the centre of Foiana/Völlan (farmer's museum), walk along the forestry road in the direction of the Talmühle Inn (trail marked 8). Cross the Brandisbach stream on the Roman stone bridge and continue on to the Obermayr farmhouse. The trails takes you past the Pöltener Weiher lake to Narano/Naraun. Cross the road and continue along the trail marked 8 to Tesimo/Tisens through woods and orchards. For a different route back, you can opt for the trail marked 5 towards Narano/Naraun which takes you to Lana di Sotto/Niederlana. Walk along the Brandis canal (just above the Fruit-growing Museum, trail marked 1) cross the road and continue all the way to the crossing between St.-Georg-Straße/Brünnlerweg. Walk down Brünnlerweg across forests and orchards and past the Mair am Gatter and Aichholz farmhouses. Part of the route will take you onto privately owned roads directly past the farms.

Duration: Foiana/Völlan - Tesimo/Tisens: approx. 2 hours. Returning via Tesimo/Tisens and Lana: approx. 2 hours · Difference in altitude: approx. 350 m (Lana - Foiana/Völlan)